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Key figures

Since 2007 we have:

35 Fishing Boat distributed in 2022

So far we have distributed 215 Fishing Boats

In 2023 we aim to distribute 100 Fishing Boats

Fishing Boat Project in Bangladesh

The availability of rivers and fens means that Bangladesh is rich in fish, hence making fish one of the staple foods. This makes it very accessible for individuals to fish and earn a living. Those living in the rural parts of Bangladesh in particular have access to these rivers and fens. However, not many have their own boats which are an impediment to them to progress in their livelihood. One will either rent or hire from owners, whom at times can exploit the poor or in some cases abuse these individuals.

GYTF aims to distribute these boats so that they can manage their livelihood and continually sustain an income that will inevitably take them out of poverty in due course. We cover many districts across Bangladesh due to our extensive and exclusive access and contacts, enabling us to make a major difference to the rural communities across the country. We hope that with the generosity of our donors we can continue to support such vulnerable families enabling them to have a better future.