Education Project


“There is no beauty better than intellect”
-Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

One Year Hafiz & Blind Support


Braille Quran & Kitab


Madrasha – Woman Education


Education - Quran & Kitab


Key figures

Since 2007 we have:

£142k spent on Education Projects in 2021

We Spent over £824K on Education Project so far

To continue and expands our Education Project in 2023

Education Project in Bangladesh

Education is a powerful tool that we possess, because with it comes knowledge, which is a key essence that plays a dominant role in an individual’s life. However, due to lack of financial funds, majority of the people/ students in Bangladesh are unable to afford to attend schools, which is a huge concern. Islam is a religion that has always supported learning and knowledge. It is compulsory for every Muslim, male or female to gain knowledge in order to survive in this society. Due to the insufficient educational support given to the women in Bangladesh, Women education project is vital for them to intellect themselves.

We have been supporting education project since 2008 and so far we have around £824K supporting various education institute including hafiz sponsorship till 2012 and support for blind. Women development project G&Y has been supporting female students mainly in the field of Education. Kindly donate as much as possible towards this noble project and help them to carry on with their studies. With women educational project we aspire to help our young sisters to come out and educate themselves to lead our society in rural areas.

Many poor and needy students in Bangladesh are struggling to buy their educational books and materials. Alhamdulillah G&Y has been providing students with Quran and Kitab set to help them continue their education and to date we have distributed more than 5,000 Quran and Kitab sets. Our goal is to reach the Basti (slums) within Bangladesh and help guide the needy children’s in life.