Healthcare Project


“Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection from him. (Narrated by Muslim, 2699)

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Key figures

Since 2007 we have:

Spent over £39k on Healthcare Project in 2022

£345k spent on so far in Healthcare Project

Plan to help more than 10 major operations in 2023

Healthcare Project in Bangladesh

Bangladesh identifies as on country with severe health worker shortages. Many people in Bangladesh from different districts and rural areas are unable to afford the expenses when it comes to medicine due to the imbalance of poor people specifically being designated in one area with no support. Due to this many vulnerable, elderly, children, and infants are suffering with many infections/diseases with no choice, but to rely on the people to donate for them.

Goreeb & Eatheem has been aiding poor and needy families with healthcare support since inception, especially in rural areas where Medical operation, General treatment, Cataract Operation and Blind support is required. This also includes families struggling to meet and pay their medical treatment and medicine cost bills. In 2016, we helped around 15 people with their individual operations and 45 with general treatments providing them with medicine. Also, we donated an ambulance at one of our partnered Madrasha’s where it is kept as a standby in case of an emergency within the area.

The average cost of operation is around £3,000 and general treatment is around £200. We have monthly healthcare support for elderly and others in medical need. We provide them with food supplies and medication.
Our main goal is to create a foundation for a medical camp which will provide a stable and efficient life line for people who are in need. We also aim to help those who are in critical conditions and require medication, striving to reach those who are in areas where travel is difficult