Rickshaw Project


“Lets put a smile on their face today by donation one Rickshaw”

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Key figures

Since 2007 we have:

40 Rickshaw distributed in 2020

So far we have distributed 213 Rickshaw

In 2021 we aim to distribute 50 Rickshaw

Rickshaw Project in Bangladesh

Rickshaw is a three-wheeled, non-motorized vehicle known for its cleanliness to the environment because it doesn’t require fuel; Dhaka’s rickshaws carry more passengers daily than the London Underground. Rickshaw drivers have to rent and pay the owner; they find it difficult to come out of the cycle of poverty due to the insufficient money they take home. Our Rickshaw project has been set up to help these men to own a vehicle. The money saved by owning their own Rickshaw can now be spent to provide food and education to help them sustain their family.

G&Y have so far provided more than 120 Rickshaw to many poor and needy drivers around Bangladesh. The cost of providing one rickshaw is £250.

We hope to guide families toward a successful pathway. By 2020 we aim to aid a family with rickshaw in the slums of Bangladesh with 500 Rickshaw.