Shelter Project


“A permanent decent home is a farfetched dream for The many poor and needy’’

Full House with Baranda


Full House with Baranda & Kitchen


Full House with Baranda, Toilet & Kitchen


Part House


Key figures

Since 2013 we have:

So far we have built over 650 homes

In 2022, 95 Houses built

In 2023 our aim to build 200 houses

Housing Project in Bangladesh

Many people do not have the privilege of being blessed with sustainable shelter in Bangladesh. Each year, multiple lives are lost due to the extreme weather conditions. Imagine continuously suffering from the heavy waves of storms and flooding whilst your home is made of soil, a home which is insufficient to keep out the rain and cold. Without solid shelter, no family member could lay their head in peace throughout the night, knowing that the worst could take place at any moment.

A permanent home and shelter are from one of the most blessed and overlooked gifts of life from Allah. Goreeb & Yateem Trust Fund has been building and providing permanent housing for the poor and needy families in Bangladesh since 2013. Alhamdulillah to this date, we have built over 600 homes around the Sylhet district. By the Grace of Allah, in 2017 we started construction in other districts such as Khulna and Chittagong. Currently, in 2022, we have around 95 houses under construction. One permanent house contains two bedrooms, a front veranda, a kitchen and a toilet.

We use bricks for the 4 sided walls under a tin roof. Our houses are of two types: The first costs £1800 for the full house. This consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen & a front porch. The second costs £2000 which includes two bedrooms, a kitchen, a toilet and front porch. We are working towards a brighter future for Bangladesh. We understand the importance of having a roof over the vulnerable in such harsh environments. We are striving to build and accommodate more than 1000 families by 2025, aiming to reach vulnerable people in other districts around Bangladesh.

Please note: Our housing project can take up to 8-10 months to complete once the donation has been made. This is due to restrictions of certain locations where construction can be carried out at specific times during the year and the due diligence that must be done on the area.