Tube well Project



‘’A glass of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man’’

Lessen thirst of a child now

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Key figures

Since 2011 we have:

Built over 100 Tube well

£250 can provide fresh & clean water

By 2020 our aim to build 500 Tubewell

Tubewell Project in Bangladesh

In rural areas of Bangladesh, 97% of the population relies on tube wells. The past three decades in Bangladesh, millions of tube wells have been installed to reduce the diarrheal disease; especially in children. On average a tube well can last around 15 to 20 years with the care of beneficiary. Without access to a tube well people have to drink pond or lake water that are contaminated with bacteria and used for showering or other purpose.

In 15 minutes while you have your lunch £250 could provide clean water for 1 family. Off monsoon season a tube well could take up to 3-6 month to get the best source of water.

Since 2011 we have built 106 tube well in rural areas of Bangladesh. Despite giving it to a beneficiary we make sure that our tube well can be used for everyone in the village. We have inspected on average within 1 hour around 10 families could use 1 tube well.

Our Tube well project has reached the rural areas of 27 district out of the 64 in Bangladesh. Our professionals make sure the tube well pipe reaches the deep aquifers underground which is relatively free from arsenic poisoning.

We are working to provide water for the suffering people around 64 district in Bangladesh. By 2020 we have a target to make 500 tube well in the most needy areas around Bangladesh.
We want to prevent people from drinking the same water that are used for shower or other purpose.

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