Success Stories



Mushahid Ali, Allwa, Moulvibazar

We never dreamt of having a house like this. We were struggling to feed our family 3 times a day let alone build a house.

Ambia Begum, Balagonj

For 3 years after my husband death we were suffering really badly due to extremely poor housing condition until Goreeb & Yatemm provided with this house.

Durga Boyda, Rajnagar

I was struggling for access to clean water and thanks to Goreeb & Yateem i know i have a tubewell.

Anjoma Begum, Chandpur

We were using dirty water from local pond and we are really happy to receive this Tubewell now.

Jalalpur Bazar Masjid, Balagonj

Our previous masjid was in very bad condition, there was no proper wall and roof, In Sha Allah we will be able pray confortably now.

Baitul Aman Masjid, Komolgonj

Our area is so poor we are only able to help and support the Masjid building with small pot of rice. Thanks to Goreeb & Yateem we will now have a proper Masjid to pray in.


I used to hire Rikshaw to make a living and had to pay 50% earning to the owner but Alhamdulillah after receiving my personal Rickshaw from Goreeb & Yateem now i can keep all the income earned for me and may family 100%.

Sewing Machine

After receiving my training, certificate and Sewing Machine from Goreeb & Yateem, now i can make living for myself without being dependent on others.

Ramadan Food Pack

I am a blind person with 3 children and used to go around begging to different village until i receive this monthly foodpack support from Goreeb & Yateem Trust Fund.
Success Story Foodpack

Ramadan Food Pack

I am a blind person and would like to thank the donors to giving me the blanket and monthly food pack.


This is Arman, when he was 17 years old he had an operation on his nose which wasn’t successful at that time, which lead him to have other problems around his head and then he was diagnosed with Ear & Brain problems.

But thanks to everyone who has donated last year in Ramadan to make his operation a successful by the will of Allah. Now he is completely fine and studying to complete his Alim course which he was started before he was diagnosed.


This is Mohammed Yasin, He is a rickshaw puller from Comilla district. For the past few years he has been hiring the Rickshaw from other people to earn and feed his family as he cannot afford his own Rickshaw. Thanks to G&E Mohammed Yasin is now the proud owner of his own Rickshaw.


This is Farzana Akther, She is from Moulvibazar district. She was diagnosed with brain tumour & cancer. G&E supported her with operation and treatment, Alhamdulillah she’s much better now but still requires treatment.

Ummeh Habiba

This is Ummeh Habiba, She is from Bianibazar. We spent nearly £3000 to provide her with an artificial leg, now by the will of Allah she can walk as normal just like everyone else.