Success Stories



Hala Miah

We used to live in very poor condition. Our house was broken with no proper roof on top, in rainy season our whole house was used to get wet continuously. We would like to thank Goreeb and Yateem for providing us with a proper shelter to sleep in. JazakAllah Khairan.

Abdul Wadud

Our house got burnt down completely from the fire which appeared from a faulty electric cable. We were homeless for over a year staying in different people's houses. Alhamdulillah end of 2020 Goreeb and Yateem constructed a beautiful house for me and my family with kitchen and toilet facilities.

Sanur Miah - Agiun, Moulvibazar

Assalamu Alikum, Jasmine Apa, we have given a tube well by you & making dua for you. We used to go far to get some fresh drinking water, as you have given us a tube well which we are appreciated to receive it. May Allah bless you for giving us the tube well & pray that Allah gives you more tawfiq to donate.

Rasel Miah - Sunamgonj - Mufti Aziz

Assalamu Alikum,
Goreeb & Yateem gave us a tube well, we are drinking fresh water now with our all family members. We suffered a lot without a tube well. We had to walk 15-20 minutes to collect water from ponds and sometime other house which is too far from our home. Now we have 7-8 families around us and they can get benefit from these water well you provided

MD Maynul Islam – Ramdash, Barabari, Lalmonirhat

Assalamu Alikum,
This tube well installed in our area, we are very happy to received it, 7-8 families are living here & all the nearby families taking water from the tube well. Person who donated the tube well, we will use water to make wudu to pray & dua for them.

Masjid Project

We had a very small masjid in our local community for everyone to pray and the condition was not too great. Alhamdulillah more than 100 people can pray in the masjid at once. We are thankful to the donors for their gorgeous donation to construct a brand new Masjid with wudu and toilet facilities.

Masjid Project

Our Masjid was abandoned due to lack of funds as our area is really poor to get any work done. Alhamdulillah, we would like to thank the donor who has donated this beautiful Masjid which allowed us to pray 5 times a day and have morning Islamic classes for our children.

Sewing Machine Project

I and the kids were struggling to make ends due to COVID-19 as I was working in people's houses to make living. While we were in lockdown with no work I had an opportunity to learn about tailoring.

Rickshaw Project

I used to rent out a Rickshaw to make a living for my family, which was very difficult as I used to pay half of my earning for rental. Thanks to Goreeb and Yateem who provided me with a Rickshaw and now I can take full earnings home and look after my family.

Individual Medical Feedback

Mumena Begum

This is Mumena Begum (on the right) who comes from a village called Jamshi (Sindur Khan, Sremangal, Moulvibazar). She has been suffering from a tumour in her throat which has been affecting everyday life. After being hospitalised and going through treatment, Momena has recovered and is now able to drink and swallow food without having severe pains.
Mumena Begum and her family have passed on their thanks to those who have come to their aid and all those who have helped the thousands of other people in Bangladesh.

Mohammed Muktar Miah

This is Mohammed Muktar Miah who comes from a village called Narain Sora (Hamidnagar, Sremangal, Moulvibazar). Whilst carrying out some work he fell from a tree and fractured his right leg. After being hospitalised and going through treatment, Muktar is on a road to recovery and is now able to walk with the help of crutches.
Mohammed Muktar Miah has passed on his gratitude and has asked everyone to keep him in their prayers whilst he is recovering.

Mohammed Parvez Ahmed

This is Mohammed Parvez Ahmed who comes from a village called Hajipur (Hamidnagar, Sremangal, Moulvibazar). He has had problems with his mental health and a problem with his speech. He has been hospitalised and doctors are working on treating him.
Mohammed Parvez Ahmed has not been able to pass on a message but his parents are grateful for the support that they have received and pray that their son recovers soon.